Modern Cars

Our modern automobiles are of reputable European and Asian brands conforming to quality and safety standards and having the mainly used in giving service to foreign and local companies, inter- city travels.  Sport   and medical conferences etc   they consists of small. Medium and big séance and may be made available with / without drivers depending on requirements and on a daily monthly , or yearly basis

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Ceremonial Cars 

They are the automobiles with the specifications appropriate to special formalities and they are normally made available for governmental conferences, special events in ministries, organizations and for transport of high official (ministers and diplomatic characters)

 Such automobiles are normally of a luxury category with special long hull and a vast cabin with the latest welfare items incorporated in them   they are referred to as class long Mani Gasht Iranian Group has already concluded many contracts to provide immensities, embassies and organizations with this kind of automobiles. It has a long experience in this area as well

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Big group cars

These cars are divide to 3 types : bus , middle bus , and van  which have capability for transporting so may person that us in traveling tours between cities , conventions ,summit and give daily and monthly servicing to companies for personals transport and airport transfer .

Group cars have several capacities as below:

Bus: 25- 37- 44 people  with: air conditioning (cooler,Heater ) , T.V , Wifi ,

Middle bus: 27 to 31 people  with: air conditioning (cooler,Heater ) , T.V , Wifi

Toyota hiace van vip  : ۱۰ to 14 people  with: air conditioning (cooler, Heater ) , Wifi

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