MGI – introducing service are such as below 

    An  Image of mani gsaht iranian   Automobile Hire service Agency

   mgi group  operates in the area of providing  hire service to ministries ,embassies, major foreign local companies and real persons use of its special luxury automobiles considered formal events and celebrations  etc the group has a long experience having been an active agency in this area for some decades . it  has always had a successful performance considering the broad variety of modern automobiles it has had available to it it is worth stating that promotion and improvement  of automobile hire service management and development of a modern system of celebrations and formalities have always been accompanied in this agency by a hard effort of the professional staff of this agency for the observance of world standards of the day and these have paved to way to the provision of competitive , innovative and excellent service to our respected customers.

 This agency has currently its own economy code and the license of urban transport taking use of group touring vehicles and sedans  it has also created its branches all over the capital city of the country to maintain such needs as responsiveness, supervision ,and improvement of service

Mani gasht Iranian   has provided its customers with the possibility of g the vehicles of their interest on the website of this agency before applying for the service

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Experienced staff of MGI Group

MGI group is honored with having a staff profile consisting of highly experienced young members currying the valuable experience of presence and participation in different formalities celebrations, event … in embassies foreign companies and the like. This combination of experienced staff members shall ensure the maintenance of major purpose of this entity that is realization of customer satisfaction. In this direction the agency has considered its top priority to be the continuous training of administrative staff and drivers.

The second priority of it considers is an effective supervision

to ensure proper performance of different components of this group as detailed below :

 – Continuous organization of the courses held for training on — automobile transport formalities

– Continuous organization of the courses held on safety driving rules and methods of defensive driving by competent masters

 – Organization of yearly courses on safety on first aids upon occurrence of any accident

 – Presence of all drivers in their place of service in a special uniform having always a clean and appearance and disposition.

– It is noteworthy that all drivers are fluent in English and of course some of them have good Arabic, Germany, Italian, Istanbul Turkish depending on requirements.